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Gratitude Joy Appreciation Forgiveness


A person’s age or formal education matters not when connecting with our feelings and our inner-wisdom. The feelings of pain, butterflies, and nausea in our gut and stomach in reaction to external forces are messages from our inner wisdom. The same is true for the feelings of happiness, joy, peace, kindness, and creativity coming from our heart center where LOVE and our Inner-Child aspects are seated.

When we combine our external knowledge with our internal feelings and wisdom, life experiences take us to amazing places of peaceful living and joyful happiness. There is an easy way to tryout these concepts. They are presented in Our Inner Child Connection as tools and exercises designed to take our inner-journey one-step at a time. Practice one tool or exercise until it becomes a natural way of being. Then try another one that brings you feelings of happiness, safety, peace, or some other uplifting value. One step equals one change